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Project GEAUX Bags

Fresh Vision!

God has given us the concept of having a consistent inventory of what we're calling GEAUX bags! These bags will be bags filled with supplies purchased from an Amazon shopping list. Once purchased, these items will be sent to our address to be packed into a suitcase and carried to Kenya! Below you will find the different types of GEAUX bags we would like to have available when a need arises!


Orphan GEAUX Bags

Each year, so many children are orphaned in our county. Left at the hospital, left on the side of the road, found in latrines, given to the children's office. These are cases we sadly see on a regular basis. We partner together with the local children's office in providing assistance in any way we can for children in our community. 

Each year, we would LOVE to have 20 Orphan GEAUX Bags ready and available to provide everything a little one would need to begin their journey to restoration.

Click HERE for the Amazon shopping list

If the list is empty, then all 20 Orphan GEAUX bags have been fulfilled.


School GEAUX Bags

Every year, we sponsor several students to go to school. Some of these students are young boys who have overcome the stronghold of drugs, have turned their lives around. Through a local partner, we are able to provide funds and supplies needed to send them from the streets to boarding school where they will have the opportunity for a fresh start at life. We also partner together with local schools in our area as well as Ololua to provide school supplies and classroom supplies in order to enhance their education.

We would love to have essentials like pencils, notebooks, erasers, folders, classroom signs, etc. available to provide to students and teachers.

Click HERE for the Amazon shopping list and partner with us to proved them with the tools they need to empower the next generation!


Street Kid GEAUX Bags

We work with street kids in our county. These are kids that are anywhere from 6 years old and above that are living on the street and addicted to drugs. We work in partnership with a local momma together with the Children's Office to facilitate the rehabilitation of these kids. The goal of this project is to see them fully recover from their drug addiction, attend boarding school where they can finish their education and  go on to live a full and healthy life in Jesus Christ.

We go into the streets on a regular basis to feed these kids and show them the love of Jesus. We would love to be able to provide supplies they so desperately need. 

They are overlooked in this society. But we see them and so does Jesus! He has a plan and a purpose for each one of these kids!

Click HERE for the Amazon shopping list

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